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Computing and technology are everywhere and play a big part in our lives nowadays.  That’s why the Swiss Business Academy team developed this intensive Computer Training online and in-classroom. Knowing how to use the latest software is important to both small and large businesses to remain competitive in the market. Our Business School is your one-stop learning school for all your computer training needs.


Objectives of Computer Course:Computer Course

➜ At the end of this course, students can create and manipulate Word documents, both in terms of information and in terms of formatting, customize impressions, and printing;

➜ With Excel program, students can create and manipulate spreadsheets, both in terms of data and in terms of formatting, create formulas and use Excel functions, inserting rows, columns and cells, create charts, customize impressions and printing;

➜ With Powerpoint, students can create and manipulate professional presentations in Powerpoint by learning how to create structured presentations with many types of media, animations, and effects;

➜ The students get to know the concept of the Internet, various forms of use, and its great advantages as well as the precautions.

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