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How to Start Your Business

How to Start Your Business

Do you want to become a CEO? Learn from Branding to Business Management, and everything you need to know to start your business with our EduQua certified training!

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities. Talk to any entrepreneur or small business owner and you'll quickly learn that starting a business requires a lot of work. An idea doesn't become a business without effort.

This Business Management course is build-up to help entrepreneurs understanding the effort necessary to create a business.“How to start your business” will get you familiarized with the many steps required to launch a business venture. If you're willing to put in the effort to build a business, you're going to want to know the steps needed to reach your goals.

Entrepreneurs need to have a very clear business idea before they eventually start a business. A convincing business plan is the best foundation for a successful evaluation process. Existing organizational relationships with other companies is another requirement.

The road to your company's success lies in the Swiss Business Academy!

Due to the decision of the Federal Council on 16.02.22, there will no longer be a certification requirement or a mask requirement effective from 17.02.22.

Become a CEO - The goals of How To Start Your Business Course:

Whether in our online or in-classroom course we want to guarantee that our students end the course at a higher level of their lives either personally or professionally by learning how to become a CEO.

While learning the basics of Brand Management (Branding) and Business Management, we intend to help you prepare the Business of your dreams or if it's the case, help you improve your actual Business.

How To Start Your Business
Become a CEO

Theoretical Components of How to Star Your Business Course:

  • The legal structure of the company;

  • Setting up the business;

  • Establishment of the company;

  • Branding;

  • Taxes;

  • Insurance.

Practical Components of How to Star Your Business Course:

  • Market research;

  • Business plan;

  • Business name;

  • Business location;

  • Opening bank account.

Business Management

Requirements for the Course/Target Group:

  • At least 18 years old;

  • Interest in business planing and management;

  • Interest in branding;

  • Everyone who's interested in beginning their own business.

What does it take to become a CEO? - Periodic evaluation and conclusion of the training:

Alongside the theoretical and practical content, the students will be proposed to realize some exercises to enhance their learnings. By the end of each module, there will be an evaluation test to evaluate their evolution through the course.

At the end of the course, the students will be evaluated by their progress and by a global evaluation test guaranteeing their final certification.

Brand Management

Dates and Prices of Courses at Class Room:

Name of the course Location Begining of the course
Timetable Deposit of 20% Monthly instalment Total price / Enroll
How to Start Your Business Course Zurich On request 1,5 Month On request 13:30-17:30 ------------ ------------

CHF990.00Add to cart

Benefit from some features by applying now to the How To Start Your Business Course:

Follow  the steps below by choosing one of the following options:

  • Course informations / Personal consultation

    Use the contact form to request additional course documentation or information, or even to schedule an information session personally at our school.

  • Registration

    Register now by using our online form and secure your place in the next class, especially because the number of trainees enrolled in our classroom courses is limited.

The Swiss Business Academy team will be pleased to welcome you to our facilities for a visit or to clear up any doubts. We also provide you with the opportunity to try out one of the course classes of your choice, free of charge and without obligation, so that you can get to know our teaching method and our facilities. This applies both to those who register in person and through our website.

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