Basic English – In-classroom Course


With this specialization course, we intend to help you improve your value in the business market by introducing you to methods to develop your English communication skills for the workplace.

With our in-classroom training, we provide you great and personalized support since our classes are taught in small groups. But if your schedule doesn’t allow face-to-face training you can go for our online course where you’ll also find all the support you need.

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Basic English Course – Improve your English Skills and prepare yourself for the next level of success in your company!

Learn English easily with our modern and interactive methodology, whether in-classroom or online!


Are you keen to climb the career ladder? Would you like to study or work overseas? Whatever your background or ambitions, learning English gives you the freedom to explore exciting new opportunities.
Our highly qualified teachers offer online and face-to-face interactive English classes and courses. We will give you the confidence to use your English language learning in situations that are most important to you.
In our experience, you will make the quickest progress when learning is interactive, engaging and fun. Our highly qualified teachers will help you build confidence and improve your language skills in a supportive, stimulating environment.
Our methodology, based on the continuous practice of oral communication, has proven to be the most effective way to learn to speak a foreign language in a natural and relaxed way.

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