Strategy Course

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Strategy Course in English

In a turbulent Macroeconomic environment, the threat of competition and the question to overcome it is a constant challenge for businesses. The Strategy Course program of Swiss Business University is designed to give you the tools to compete for existing value and develop new sources of value by breaking the rules that businesses take for granted.

The Strategy Course in English of Swiss Business University equips leaders and managers with practical frameworks for successfully executing strategy in today's ever-changing world.

Strategy Course in English at Swiss Business University in Zurich - Switzerland
Strategy Course in English













Public objective of the Strategy Course in English:

Our business strategy program will help you reinvigorate your strategic thinking and achieve sustainable growth for your organization - whatever the future brings.

Our Strategy School offers courses in several languages. The current offer is on our website


Objectives of the Strategy Course in English:

During this program, the students learn the latest tools and techniques to effectively execute strategy against a backdrop of market changeability. The students learn how to:

  • overcome the strategic challenges that arise in today's turbulent business environment
  • build an organisation-wide structure for implementing strategy
  • inspire your team to effectively execute the strategy
  • transform your strategy into action

This program connects theory with practice. Throughout this course, you apply what you learn regarding to your own organisation - translating academic insight into action. Multimedia presentations enliven discussions, while brainstorming brings a fresh perspective to the classroom. The students leave the course with a concrete structure to improve strategy execution upon your return to work.

The Strategy Course in English  is taught in small groups with a maximum of 10-12 participants, which allows intensive monitoring of students.


Prerequisites for participation in Strategy Course in English:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Willing to learn more about Strategy
  • Willing to transform a "can't do" to a "can do" culture
  • Willing to create value in volatile business environments


Content of the Strategy Course in English:

This course is divided into 5 teaching units organized by specific objectives.


  • What is strategy?



  • Developing strategy further
  • Structuring a strategic challenge



  • Strategic dynamics
  • Resources, capacities and context
  • Traps of executing strategy



  • Value chain evolution
  • Strategy communities



  • Corporate strategy
  • ·Established companies and strategic innovation


Periodically review and conclusion of the Srategy Course:

At the end of each Teaching Unit will be a written test. During the classes, students undertake practical work relating to the subject taught. All results will be analysed and evaluated by an experienced teacher and expert in the area. After passing the final exam of the Strategy Course in English, you will receive the Certificate of Swiss Business University, which proves that you have the necessary expertise. Finally, after passing all exams of the Business Management Courses you will receive the Diploma of Swiss Business University.
Course dates and prices:
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Strategy Course in English – make the most of these attractive discounts:

10% discount starting from the second course or workshop attended at Swiss Business University or Swiss Beauty Academy.

5% cash-back on payment of the full school fees before the start of the Srategy Course.

We are really looking forward to your visit when we will be happy to tell you about our Strategy Course in English and our school in person!



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